Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Day!!

On the 24th of July Quin had to film a wakeboard competition up at Pineview. He actually filmed Shane Bonifay from a helicopter and was hanging out the side of it! So scary! I will put some pictures up of him hanging out of the helicopter soon! Erika and Porter and I all went up to Pineview to watch the competition and play in the sun while Quin was working.
 We had a blast, but I got SO sunburned. After spending all day up there, we had a little BBQ at our house and then went and saw "Inception". I thought it was a really good movie. It took a lot of concentration though to understand what was going on. Anyways we had a great 24th! I hope everyone else did as well!
Porter, Brad, and Quin

Whitney, Tom, Erika, and me

BBQ at our house!

On our way to the movie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Friends Forever

On Saturday Maile was in town! YIPEE!!! It was so much fun to have her home and to see her cute little face! It sucks having my best friend live so far away. At least there will continue to be visits and hopefully one day when Mitch is done with school they will move back here. Anyways...on Saturday I treated Maile and Jenessa to pedicures at the spa! It was a blast being the "3" again. It's been way too long. I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures of us getting our pedicures:( We were having too much fun that I forgot about it. After our pedicures we went to dinner with a bunch of our friends at Red Robin. Here are some pictures. I love them all!! BFF! ha 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

WSU Fireworks

Last Sunday Quin and I had dinner at his parents, just like we do every other Sunday. But this was a more special Sunday. We had a new member of the family join us. Caden. We also had a new sandbox to play in. Yes I played in the sandbox with Maddie and Gracie. We each dug a hole as deep as we could get it and then we each placed a rock inside and buried it. Now the next Sunday we are over there we are going to try and find them. They are fun girls to play with. 
Later that night we went to the Weber State Fireworks! I have to say it was probably one of the best firework shows I have seen all year! I have only seen maybe the best I have seen ever! We had a blast being with all of our friends. I sure do love the month of July! 

The girls

The boys

Me and Erika holding Lexi's cute puppy! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's always a good time visiting with the Croslands. There is always something to talk about and never a dull moment. With Tyler's stories and Lucy's flirting, they keep us entertained. We went to dinner with them on Saturday at California Pizza Kitchen and had a blast. Thanks for the invite Carly and Tyler!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 3rd, 4th and 5th of July!

It has been quite the weekend of celebrating! Lots of parties, bbq's, swimming, fireworks, and birthdays! First of all it was Bryson's 16th birthday on Saturday. I can't believe he is 16 already! Time flies! We celebrated that and also the 4th by going to my aunt and uncles house and having a bbq and swimming. It wasn't super hot like it usually is but it was just right.

The cake I made for Bryson

 After hanging out there Quin and I went to another bbq and swimming party at Jeff and Ashton's parents. It's so much fun hanging out with friends, I just wish we would do it more often instead of doing it just when a special occasion comes around. ha We all then went to the Eaglewood fireworks and of course the boys brought along the golf ball horse shoe game and played it until the first firework went off. They are basically obsessed and so competitive. It's actually pretty funny to watch. The fireworks were fantastic, but it was freezing outside. Weird for July.

Brad and Quin

Brad, Quin, Porter, Jeff and Scott holding their "Golf Balls"

The girls: Erika, Heidi, Ashton, and me celebrate the 4th, which landed on a Sunday this year, we just got together at my moms for dinner and hanging out. Boys can't just hangout though. They have to do something productive at least once a day I swear. Porter came up with wanting to make a potato gun, but the only supplies we had was one thing...a piece of pvc pipe. And that wouldn't stop the boys from making one. They became very creative and made a potato gun using the pvc pipe, a Coleman water cooler, a lighter, ducktape, and Oops. And it worked! They were so proud of themselves and spent almost the rest of the night shooting potatoes at things. 

The boys and their sweet potato gun 

Monday was a blast! Erika and Porter and Quin and I (and Boone) went up to Causey and went canoeing. We canoed over to a little spot that looked like a campground and layed our towels out and had a picnic and then we just canoed all over the whole lake. I didn't realize how much energy canoeing took. My arms are defiantly sore today. Boone was so funny! He was so nervous to get in the canoe at first cause he is kind of afraid of anything. (of course) But he got it and eventually liked it! I think anyways. We wanted Boone to swim since he never had and Quin kind of had to force him. But once Boone got in he loved it!! He was fetching sticks and all! I was so proud of my little guy!:)

We fit 2 canoe's on the truck. The one on the back was sticking out so far

Our little family canoeing:)


 Later that night Quin had a softball game. They are in the playoffs now...even though they lost last night. Bummer. It was pretty close at one point. Oh well. They still have one more game for sure next week and if they win that one then they play again. Go Toads Roasted Corn!

Quin catching

Quin running to first base

Today Quin and I went and saw our new baby nephew in the hospital. He was born on the 4th and he still doesn't have a name but he sure is adorable! I forgot how tiny newborns are! Everything on them is so small and cute. He did get circumcised right after we got there though and he was in pain when we were holding him. Poor guy. After holding him for a little, Quin and I took Maddie and Gracie down to the cafeteria for lunch and we ate outside and the girls loved being with us. Oh Gracie is so funny! When we got back up to the room, Gracie kept asking Brit to watch TV and Brit kept saying that she had to wait till the guests are gone. I guess Gracie got sick of hearing no, cause she ended up asking me if she could watch TV. It was funny. Brit just laughed at her. Anyways here are some pictures of baby:)

Caden Beau Boardman