Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I said last time it had been a really long time since I posted...but I think this beats it!

So, it has been over a year since I have posted anything. Probably because our lives have been hectic and I haven't found time to actually blog. But now that school is out and spring and summer are "supposed" to be here, I will have much more free time.
So to catch you up on things since March of 2009, Quin and I got engaged on May 1st of 2009. To summerize that little story, we hiked up to Elephant Rock in Bountiful and had a little picnic. While I was eati
ng cheetos, Quin was pretending to take pictures when he suddenly realized he had no film in the camera he was using. He asked me to reach in his bag for the other film case and open it. When I opened it, remind you my fingers were covered in orange Cheeto, the ring was taped right on top of them film. We were engaged for 3 fabulous months and were then married on August 14th 2009. We have been loving life together and all the wonderful adventures it holds. Oh and ps. we have the most spoiled dog in the world:) HIs name is Boone and he is so stinkin cute and we can't get enough of him!