Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 Months Old!

Ok so Max is 5 months old today. The time is going by SOO fast! He is thee cutest little baby and so much fun. He is always smiling and always happy. (Well 90% of the time) but heck that is more than any normal person. He is pretty special.
Some things he is doing:
-rolls over from his tummy to back.
-laughs so hard
-can almost sit on his own.
-eats rice cereal
-try's really hard to roll from his back to tummy but still not there yet.
-grabs onto things and shakes them.
-reaches for things
-and he puts everything in his mouth

We love your growing boy!

Another blog!

So I have started another blog. I know there are a bozillion cooking/baking blogs out there, but I wanted to start one as well. Because I really do enjoy cooking/baking when I do it. And because it gives me something to do during the day! So pop on over and check it out! It is still in the process of being all completed bit who knows when I will get it to look exactly the way I want it to look. But it works for now. So go check it out!