Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York...Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of...There's Nothing You Can't Do!!

When Quin got home from California he got a call, not even two hours after he landed, that he had to leave for New York the next day to film. I was pretty bummed cause I hadn’t seen him for a whole week and then he was going to leave again! And plus it was our one year anniversary that week! Anyways we were able to work some things out and I was able to go with him! It was my first time to New York so I was pretty excited! We left on Tuesday night and took the red eye to New York. We ended up getting to our hotel on Wednesday morning. We were beat but we had to get out and enjoy the city anyway! We just walked around for an hour or so and when we were finally able to check into our room we took a nap for about an hour. Then I went with Quin to go film some of the city. That night we headed up to Harlem so Quin could film this thing at a basketball store called House of Hoops. It was so crazy! We were like the only white people in the whole store! It was weird being the minority. haha Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul were there doing an interview. Everyone was FREAKING out! It was pretty ridiculous. When they left the store the kids were chasing them to their car! Anyways that was that. 
The next day it was kind of rainy so Quin and I decided to go to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). That was pretty neat. I won’t waste your time explaining every single day but we did lots of stuff. We went to SOHO and shopped, ate at this rice pudding place called “Rice to Riches”, ate dinner at the most delicious place “Max Brenner”. It’s a chocolate place so you know I loved it! They had the best chocolate  milk ever and the best dessert!

The "Alice" cup with the most amazing chocolate milk in it!!

The best dessert!! mmmm...

Starry Night

At the MOMA

Friday was pretty awesome! Quin and to go film up in Harlem again so I went with him. He had to film The Breakfast Club which is a program Michael Jordan started to help kids with basketball. So there were a bunch of kids playing basketball and doing a bunch of skills. (I sat in the bleachers watching...I was the ONLY white person in those stands. I was shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of black kids. I felt pretty cool. I wish I would have gotten a picture. Dang.) Anyways while the kids were doing drills Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony came out and played with them. The kids LOVED it! Then like 10 minutes later MICHAEL JORDAN showed up! That’s when I started freaking out! It was awesome! I am pissed though cause I left my camera at the hotel on accident:( So I only got crappy picture on my phone. I was so bummed. 
Anyways some more things we did....rode the subway a lot, went to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), saw a bunch of stuff, Little Italy, Chinatown (which by the way is so nasty. I don’t recommend anyone going there.) went to Ground Zero, Wall Street, Staten Island, ate a delicious gourmet hot dog, saw the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the temple, ate at an amazing mexican restaurant to celebrate our one year anniversary, and of course we hung out in Times Square a lot. Our hotel was like 3 blocks away from the center of it. 

Central Park

Top of the Rock

Little Italy

Ground Zero

Wall Street

Statue of Liberty

On the ferry to Staten Island

Central Park

Being Silly

copying the statue...the cop didn't do the greatest job with taking the picture. Oh well. 

So that was our New York trip! We had so much fun! I can’t believe Quin and I have already been married for a year! So crazy how fast time flies by! I loved every single moment of this past year and I am looking forward to another great year and then another and another and another! FOREVER! Being married to your best friend is great!!!

Family Reunion

These past two weeks have been a blast! While Quin was in California filming for a week I went to my family reunion up in Idaho. We camped at Walcott Lake and had so much fun! We went up to Twin Falls and saw the “Twin Falls” and swam in this little lake up there. We also canoed and went on the paddle boat. Here are a few pictures!

Walcott Lake

Porter being super serious about golfball horseshoes


Snake River

My mom was freaking out cause I was "too close to the edge" ha

My cute parents

Twin Falls


Family! minus Quin

With Colby on the paddleboat. His lifejacket was way too big for him

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just What I Needed...

This past weekend has been great! On Saturday my family went to the Ogden temple to do sealings! This was the first time doing sealings since Quin and I were married! We did a bunch of family names and it was so amazing! You could defiantly feel them there and how happy they were to finally be sealed. I love feeling the spirit!! After the Temple Quin and I went with Erika and Porter to Chile’s for dinner and chocolate molten cake! Best dessert ever!! 
Sunday was great too! Church was so awesome! There were so many people who bore their testimony that touched me deeply. Especially my neighbor who was a member when she was little and then was excommunicated. Her and her husband and her little boy recently started coming back to church. In her testimony she told us that she was working hard to be re-baptized and how she wants our whole ward to come to her baptism when it happens. I’m so happy that she wants the gospel back in her life. The gospel truly is amazing and I have such a strong testimony of it! Anyways it was just a spiritual weekend that I think I needed. xoxo