Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So yes I suck at blogging. I guess my life just isn't as exciting as I thought. Only occasionally do cool things worth blogging about happen. And the last 2 weeks I'd say is worth blogging about. Quin and I went to Europe and loved it! We left March 16th and got home yesterday. We went to Romania, Rome, Venice and one day in Paris (because we had a 23 hour layover. Good place to have a layover for 23 hours.) 
 On the plane to Amsterdam

Waiting in the Amsterdam Airport

We started our trip in Romania. If you are wondering why in the word we would visit Romania, it's because Quin served his mission there. We spent 5 days there and had a great time and many fun/interesting experiences. We stayed with a member the first night, a cute old lady named Sora Gorzo. She is the cutest old lady, but didn't speak any english so I had no idea what was going on. Quin did a great job at translating. I am so upset that I didn't take any pictures of her apartment where we stayed. But I did get a photo of us with her and some members of the ward where Quin served. We also stayed with one of Quin's friends that he met on his mission named Gabi. We had tons of fun but it was FREEZING cold there! Here are some photos of Romania.

 At a park in the middle of Bucharest

 Chauchescu's Palace 

 A church

 The Opera House

 A Shardoma
(Chicken, french fries, onions, pickles, and a delicious sause wrapped in a pita. Sounds weird but it is so delicious!)
 There are stray dogs everywhere you look in Romania

 Cute little Sora Gorzo in her apartment and some members. 

 This is the night train we stayed in on our way to Deva. A different city in Romania.

 The disgusting bathroom in the train

 At a Castle in Deva

 A pretty church in Cluj-Napoca

 This stained glass window is over 100 years old.
 In Arad where Gabi lives.

 On the train to Budapest, Hungry for a day trip.

 Another pretty church. This one is in Budapest.

 These shoes are made out of metal and line the river in Budapest

 A castle in Budapest

 Looking over the city of Budapest

 Quin doing what he does best

This is how much we spent on fries and a shake at Burger King. It looks like a lot of money but is only about $4.00. Thank goodness.

If you ever go to Romania or Hungry, you have to go to Fornetti! Thee best little pastries ever!

After Romania, we flew to Rome. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in a cute little Italian families home.  Once in Rome, we met up with Ty and Mallory Miles. Love those two and had so much fun exploring beautiful Rome with them!

The Bed and Breakfast where we stayed. 

 First thing we did in Rome...ate some Gelato. Delicious!

 At a dog park across from the place we stayed. Watching all the dogs play made me miss Boone:(

 The first night we went to the Colosseum. SO AMAZING!

 The next day inside the Colosseum

  The Roman Forum

 Everyone on Rome either drives tiny cars like this or scooters

 The Pantheon

 This happened a lot. Quin and Ty checking out their maps. Mal and I just watched.

 A cute little Piazza

 A watercolor artist we bought a painting from

 Inside a church
The Spanish Steps. Mal and I got a rose from some guy:) 

 Eating real delicious Italian Pasta!

At the Trevi Fountain

 The Vatican at night. Those two windows that are lit up is where the Pope lives. Pretty neat.

 The Vatican

 Inside the Vatican Museum. There were so many statues.

 The Sistine Chapel. Michael Angelo's famous paintings.
 Inside St. Peters Basilica 
 Michael Angelo's "Mary and Christ" statue.

We spent two whole days in Rome which I thought was perfect. It was just enough time to see everything. After Rome we took a bus to Venice. Loved loved loved Venice. So pretty!

 My husband sure has one sexy body!
Breathtaking Point

 Italian Hot Chocolate. Best Hot Chocolate Ever!

 Eating some dinner by the Grand Canal

I seriously loved Italy so much! I was actually quite sad to leave. We headed home on Sunday, but we had a 23 hour layover in Paris. (Quin and I decided it would be fun) We were rushed to see the city so that kind of sucked. But we got in as much as we could. 

 Nutella Crepes. So delicous!

 Notre Dame inside and out

 A bridge that had locks up and down the fence with peoples names on them.
 The Luvre

Loved the Eiffel Tower
 So in Love:)

 Sacre Coeur

 Moulin Rouge

This trip was a success and I loved everything about it! We had such a blast and it was such a great experience! 
P.S. Sorry this was the longest post ever with so many pictures.