Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall so far

Quin's birthday was September 24th and we headed up to Ruth's Diner for breakfast. It was delicious. Sadly this is the only picture I got. Quin, the 25 year old, sitting outside. But at least the leaves look pretty!

On September 28th T-Swift came to town!! Me, my mom, Jenessa, Bryson and his friend Brayden went and had a blast! Quin's dad was able to get us a suit right across from the stage. I thought they were such good seats cause you could see everything that was happening! Her show was AMAZING! And she is so talented!

Bryson was addicted to those "binocs" (as my mother called them)

We celebrated my 22nd Birthday at Benni Hanna. It was delicious!

Erika was in town for two weeks visiting! YAY!! We did some more birthday celebration with her and my mom. We went and saw the movie "The Help" which was so so good! We then headed down to Gardner Village and did some shopping and ate a delicious lunch at Archibalds. We had such a fun time!

SENIOR NIGHT! Bryson's last home game before playoffs started. He had a pretty awesome season! This was his first year playing football and I can't believe how amazing he was! He is a talented boy!
Carving pumpkins.

Dressed up for work. You can see that I am kind of starting to get a baby bump!
At the Niederhauser Family Halloween Party. Quin was supposed to be Bob the Builder. I love Fall.. It is such a pretty season! Too bad it has already snowed...winter is on its way!

End of Summer:(

This year for our anniversary, Quin and I went up to Park City! Earlier that day, my mom and I went up to the hotel where we were staying and decorated it. Quin was sure surprised when we got to the hotel! The first thing he said was "We better take a picture of this"

Eating delicious sushi at Flying Sumo
Heading up to ride the Alpine Slide

On the Alpine Coaster. It was so much fun! ps. My husband is adorable!

Right when we got back from Park City, my mom and I drove down to Las Vegas to help my Grandma and Grandpa out for a couple of days. We had lots of fun!
At the the Vanician. I am so sun burnt by the way if you can't tell.

Eating delicious dessert at Max Brenners. I recommend it:)
My cute grandparents.

And the biggest news of the summer!!! We found out on August 29th that we are going to be parents! The little one us due May 3rd 2012!

My little brother Bryson played football this year and we went to lots of Football games!
The Annual Dogopooloza! Boone loves it!
Here is the first ultrasound of the babe! It was so crazy to hear the heartbeat and see the little heart fluttering!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

teach me how to be a better blogger.

Cause I sure do suck at it. I don't know why it is so hard for me to update my blog or put new pictures up on facebook. I just need to make time to do it cause I wanna make a book! (After looking at Carly and Tylers cute blog books, I really really wanna make one. Thanks for the inspiration guys!)So I pledge today to update at least once a month if not more (depending on how exciting our lives are. ha They aren't very exciting because we don't have kids or fun stories to share.) Anyways here is a post for this month that will cover most of our summer:) YAY! 

Quin and I haven't had the most exciting summer this year. I think one of the reasons is Quin has a different job now than he did last summer. It was easier for him to take days off when he was working for himself. Now Quin works for an ad agency in Layton called Mighty Cleaver and he really likes it and likes the people he works with. He also started school in January! He has already finished two semesters! I'm so proud of him! He did summer school so it was hard to go on vacation or anything because he couldn't miss his class ever. But we have made the best of what we have and we have done some fun things. 

In June, Quin and I went down to Phoenix AZ to visit his Grandpa Hap. This was the first time I have met him, and I am so glad I got to meet him. We stayed with Quins uncle and aunt. Jim and Patricia. They were such good hosts! Our trip was short, but it was nice to get away from home and into some hot Arizona heat!
Quin, Grandpa Hap and I
We went for a ride in Haps Jeep
Outside the Musical Instrument Museum
Quin infront of Romanias instruments

Quin's uncle Jim and wife Patricia

Date night in Arizona. Out for dinner at a delicious steak place:)
On our way home we stopped at the Hoover Dam
We had a lot of fun!

After we got home, the girls I teach had their end of year recital. Also, it was the studios 20 Year Anniversary and the director, Diane did her Top 20 favorite dances. She asked veterans to come back and dance in the finale. Erika and I both danced in it and it was so much fun to dance together again!
 Before the show started
 In the dressing room waiting to perform
 All the girls who danced!

Er and I with Diane

The next event of summer was the 4th of July. We had a breakfast with our ward at 7 freakin AM!! Way to early for breakfast on a holiday. ha But it was good food at least. Later that afternoon we had a BBQ and swim party at Jeff and Ashtons parents house with some of our friends. It was a lot of fun! (but I am a bad person and forgot to take pictures of that party) I love getting together with friends! Right after that we headed to another BBQ and swim party to celebrate our nephew Caden's 1st birthday party! 
 Quin in his goggles:) I have a goofy husband.
 Carson broke his arm and couldn't swim, but he sure was proud of his cast!
 Chunky Caden downing his birthday cake
He is so stinkin cute:)

Next was celebrating the 24th of July. We didn't do much, just went to the Bountiful Parade on Main Street with Quins family and sweated more than I have ever sweated before. It was so extremely hot!
 It was too sunny for the boys to look at the camera.
 Alex acting way too cool for anyone. haha

The 24th of July weekend, Porter came to visit! Quin and I and of course Erika have missed him! On the 23rd, we went canoeing with my family up at Causey (idk how to spell that) and then had family pictures after. That night we also went to dinner with our friends Carly, Tyler and their two girls Lucy and Clara. We love the Croslands! 
 The boys and Lucy.
 The girls
This is not the greatest picture, but I was trying to get Lucy's attention and I wasn't really paying attention to where I was pointing the camera. Oops! But I love this picture and Lucy LOVES Porter! Whenever we hangout with the Croslands, Lucy always asks where Porter is. So adorable!:)

On July 27th, my cute little brother Dallin left on his mission. He is still in the MTC, but will leave at the end of September to serve in the San Antonio Spanish Speaking Mission. He is the best looking missionary I think! We all miss him but are so proud of him for choosing to serve a mission. Here are some pictures of Elder Niederhauser:)
 At lunch the week before he left.
The night he got set apart.
At lunch before dropping him off at the MTC
 Sisters loving their brother!
 Our family in front of the Provo temple
 The kids. Aren't we cute!?
 Me and Dal
 My dad, Dallin and my mom
 Elder Niederhauser

Mom and Dallin

Now here are a few more highlights of our summer...
 On our way to the Salt Lake Farmers Market (ps. my husband is goodlooking)
 We let Boone play at the dog park and he liked sniffing all the dogs bottoms.
 Real Game
 Quin and I went camping up on Skyline Drive
 It was beautiful!

 Concentrating on perfecting that mallow
Boone is hiding under the blanket. He didn't like the smoke from the fire. Wuss.
 Our campsite
Driving back down we saw this Moose in the lake! There were also two babies poking their heads out of the grass, but you can't see them in this picture. So cool to see.

We love summer!
and we are NOT ready for it to end.