Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I guess updating my blog once a month is more my style...because it is what I have been doing the last couple months. I want to be better. I just need to make time to blog our lives more often. So since we all love photos and that is a great way to document our lives here are some photos of life from October 31st until today...December 1st. Enjoy!
Boone found this in the park on Halloween and would not stop carrying it around. It was so cute. So we just told everyone he was a Pirate for Halloween:)
Quin and I were ballerina's:) I was so surprised Quin was willing to dress up as much as he did! He even asked for glitter! haha The tutu I am wearing is Jan's (Quin's moms). She made it from all of her tutu's she wore when she was a little girl. So cool!

Quin and Porter. Porter was a butterfly.

We went to the Ben Lomand hotel for dinner and Bryson's Halloween dance group was there too!

Bryson and his date Karson.

The boys

Quin and I, Erika and Porter, and Kylee and Logan

Collecting leaves from our front yard

The massive sweet potatoes I bought. They were so huge! I needed 8 cups for my recipe...and I only used two potatoes!

Name holder turkeys:)

Thanksgiving table

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brothers. Dallin and Bryson

Mom and Dad

Porter and Erika

Lindsey, Spencer and Jesse

Grandpa and Grandma

Billy and Nana (I know the picture isn't that awesome...but you gotta understand. My nana is 90 and she hates getting her picture taken, so I had to try really hard to get her to look. And once she looked I just had to snap the picture.)


Quin clearing the driveway after the "Blizzard of 2010" (So overrated)

Christmas Tree!

This was this morning. It's not the greatest picture cause you can't see the beard that great...but Quin didn't shave for the whole month of November. His beard was pretty thick. This is before he trimmed.

And this is after. Yes he wanted to dress up like this, wear the glasses, and do the slick hair with a little "sleep hair" (that's what he called it) to look like a pedophile with his mustache. Creep.

His awesome Stache

There are many things I love about this photo. The slick hair with bed head, the crooked glasses, the stache of course and the buttoned up flannel. haha My husband is a nerd. But I sure do love him!

Boone posing in front of the Christmas tree. (I had to bribe him with a treat. He is afraid of the camera most of the time. Of course. What a baby.)

I'm so excited Christmas! YAY!

and I will try to be better at updating my blog more often. I know I say this all the time...but I really will try harder:)